Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Ostara!

Hello all, happy Ostara!

I've certainly been full of spring beans these last few days, despite being thoroughly exhausted from the stable isotope short course last week - which was brilliant! I really can't wait to get my lab work started, but that'll have to wait until after the presentations and research designs...

Anyhow, enough about work! We had a bit of a spring clean about the place this weekend, so everything feels airy and fresh, which is fantastic. The one downside being the discovery of moth holes in my favourite jumper *sulks*, but that's easily dealt with and it's only a little one. It's been a little odd cleaning everything out while knowing we'll be moving on soon, but I don't think I could cope with another three months of dust and grime; although I'll miss my housemates dearly, I really wont miss their inability to clean and belongings breeding all over the place. Not that I suspect I'll be any tidier in the new house, but at least it'll just be mine and Niall's mess. He's helping at the theatre today - BUSOM are putting on a performance of Pirates of Penzance on this week and I'm looking forward to watching it, even though i'm a little bummed not to be singing! So once again I've attained 'Mill widow' status :D same old, same old I guess (it's the Theatre in the Mill).

Sadly, no digging this weekend, bit too tired to be out and about. I also (finally) got around to setting up my propagators in the spare room, which is bound to confuse Carl when he comes over this weekend. They look like a miniature nursery and I suspect I shall have some great fun photographing my monsters amongst the seedlings in a few weeks time! My mate Charlottle gave us a cactus too, and he looks a lot like a little egg monster and is hopefully about to flower - I decided that he is called Bob. Speaking of monsters, my fimo arrived yesterday, so I have enough to make the prototype chess set - hopefully one or two evenings over the next week. I'm really enjoying this working 9-5 lark (or, to be honest 10-6 some days), it's given me loads of time for craft, reading and hanging out with Niall and the gang in the evenings (though I'm still not up to much socialising yet); I even got to do a jigsaw yesterday, something that I haven't had time to do in ages... I do have sore knees now though :)

I did actually make it to Crafty last week, which was ace as I haven't seen people in aaaaaages. Joanne's map of Britain embroidery has come on enormously since I last saw it and I'm happy to report that our diverse pool of skills now includes warcraft figurines, character development and poetry (though as yet no return to the chainmail). While I was there I thought I'd try out my new crochet hooks and began a shawl I've had my eye on for a while. The yarn I ended up with was something of a surprise to me as I'm not much of a one for reds and pinks, but I think it'll look great when it's done... unfortunately this adds another to the rather long list of crafts-in-progress, including a crochet bag that I managed to sew the handle on in a twist, a big green jumper of awesomeness, a dress for the May Formal and the inevitable socks and embroidery that are sort of ongoing and a bit of a given. Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever not be busy again - which sounds good to me!

I've also found time to get a bit of yoga done (although I don't think I'm losing any weight I am at least not gaining any) and get my (annual) haircut - it feels a little bit like I'm a sheep being sheared :) It's gone fabulously curly now too! (sorry, it's a bit blurry)

Anyway, speaking of business, time to sign off. I hope you're all having a sunny sunday too!

Just heard from Mum, my 91 year old Grandad has just ambled to hospital with the shingles, which sucks as it's really painful. Get well soon Grandad! *hugs, somewhat gingerly*

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Attention Knitters!

ok, you've probably all seen this already, but I'm currently greatly amused by the 'Incognito cowl' on Knitty; i love Mercedes' work and i'm currently plotting ways of getting people to wear the cowls!

Mad March Hares

So the madness continues... those of you who know me will be aware of the surreality of the past few months, but just to recap: murder most foul, attempted suicide (not mine, honest!), mild delirium and sporadic illness have (i hope) ended with the most recent devlopment: some *****rds' have nicked all our gardening tools! We arrived at the allotment this morning, raring to go, and what do we find? No tools, no barrows, part of the fence has gone _and_ they made off with the chain that was around the barrows. I doubt that there are adequate words for how miffed I currently am.

On the plus side, Mark got the greenhouse floor laid, for the most part, while I moved fruit trees, bushes and rhubarb about - there is a Plan, I'm not just taking them for a walk! When Allan turned up the three of us put together our first raised bed and we planted beetroot, parsnips, carrots (orange and purple), radishes and lettuce. I realise it's a bit early, but the seed packet says it's ok and if all else fails I'll get hold of some mesh and canes and create a make-shift giant cloche. We're back up there tomorrow too, with a promise of help from more wonderful friends, so we might even get the fences moved; given the break in, I like this idea a lot!

In other news, my new knitting project is going well (a nice green jumper in Twilley's freedom), and I'm possibly starting a brightly coloured scrappy shawl, for no reason other than I haven't crocheted in a while. There may even be pictures. The fimo creatures are also going well and will hopefully be photographed at some point (see my dA profile:

The masters course is going ok, though this next week might do me in as it's my second short course (three-days on the uses of stable isotopes in archaeology). Watch this space!