Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Stafford Ho!

31st May 2010
Because we're moving house tomorrow (zo my gods) I led a small foraging party back to Stafford to pack up the bits and bobs I'll be needing in Shipley. The packing took an appreciably long time and thankfully the boys are coming to get it all on the 2nd, so no more heavy lifting until tomorrow :)
Since we were down here, Rowena and I did some gardening (as jacabsolute is looking after the Venerable Bede up in Biddulph the grass REALLY needed cutting), avoiding the three billion tiny frogs that decided we were interesting, or terrifying - or both. i also managed to tame the bushes in front of the house and - partially - contain the wisteria. Needless to say, by the time Miss Jamie and Miss Mandy arrived, we were a bit knackered. As Mandy had come all the way from Kentucky to see 'the place where the history comes from', we went to Shugborough on the bank holiday. It's an historic estate with a fully operational Victorian model farm and servants quarters, and we had a brilliant time, particularly in the craft bothies and playing with the goats.

Quote of the weekend: Miss Jamie, can I have a personal excited vegetarian?
Photos: our beautiful (if slightly rampant) garden - roses, peonies and wisteria

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