Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mad March Hares

So the madness continues... those of you who know me will be aware of the surreality of the past few months, but just to recap: murder most foul, attempted suicide (not mine, honest!), mild delirium and sporadic illness have (i hope) ended with the most recent devlopment: some *****rds' have nicked all our gardening tools! We arrived at the allotment this morning, raring to go, and what do we find? No tools, no barrows, part of the fence has gone _and_ they made off with the chain that was around the barrows. I doubt that there are adequate words for how miffed I currently am.

On the plus side, Mark got the greenhouse floor laid, for the most part, while I moved fruit trees, bushes and rhubarb about - there is a Plan, I'm not just taking them for a walk! When Allan turned up the three of us put together our first raised bed and we planted beetroot, parsnips, carrots (orange and purple), radishes and lettuce. I realise it's a bit early, but the seed packet says it's ok and if all else fails I'll get hold of some mesh and canes and create a make-shift giant cloche. We're back up there tomorrow too, with a promise of help from more wonderful friends, so we might even get the fences moved; given the break in, I like this idea a lot!

In other news, my new knitting project is going well (a nice green jumper in Twilley's freedom), and I'm possibly starting a brightly coloured scrappy shawl, for no reason other than I haven't crocheted in a while. There may even be pictures. The fimo creatures are also going well and will hopefully be photographed at some point (see my dA profile:

The masters course is going ok, though this next week might do me in as it's my second short course (three-days on the uses of stable isotopes in archaeology). Watch this space!

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