Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring a-Springing

There was a massive clearing day up at the allotment this weekend, loads of people came to help get several decades worth of accumulated fly tipping off our gardens and into a bin lorry. Under the rubbish, signs of life are beginning to emerge in the form of snowdrops (yay!) and bindweed (sigh). We shifted several bin lorries' worth of stuff, as well as filling the scrap lorry three times over - as you can imagine, the site looks a hell of a lot better now. We finally got rid of the two fridges and wheelie-bin full of glass, the pile of foam and the least usable tyres - the difference is enormous :D We're even considering putting in a pond!

Elsewhere on site, drastic measures are being employed to discourage more tipping... heh heh heh. Makes me laugh every time I pass the thing!

I've been busy writing recently, too, mostly fanfiction, but also some funding application stuff for a potential PhD. Been sewing too, but since that's a present, I can't talk about it just yet - suffice it to say it went well and was fun to do!

I got the call that the trial was starting up again in April. I'm a bit sick of it hanging over everyone now - I mean, I know a lot of people were affected a lot more than me, but it's just always there in the back of your head, and I've had enough of it now.

Photos: Fridge-lessness; snowdrops; drastic measures

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