Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Adventures in Staffordshire (and a bit of Shropshire)

The wedding was in Stafford (well, Church Eaton, but close enough) and we were delighted to watch Chi and Mat get married :) Chi looked stunning, as usual, Mat scrubbed up pretty well and the church was beautiful. It was great to see some of my old school friends, who I haven't seen in nearly four years (not for lack of trying, I might add), three of whom were bridesmaids. Niall and I stayed at the Vine in Stafford, which I've always wanted to do (somewhat perversely, having lived there for most of my life). It's Stafford's oldest inn - early fifteenth century, I think - and is supposed to be haunted, naturally. Didn't see any ghosties, but I can confirm that the room was comfy, the service friendly and the food tasty. I had great fun clambouring around the Vine and St Editha's (where the wedding took place) looking at the archaeology - think I drove Toni a bit mad ;)

St Editha's in Church Eaton (not to be confused with St Editha's in Tamworth, which is also stunning) is one of those glorious conglomerations of building that are secreted away in the English countryside: it has a twelfth century tower with a fifteenth century recessed spire, an unusual seventeenth century vestry and a beautiful nineteenth century organ. Upon enquiring, I was also shown a stunning eleventh century Norman font, tucked away to one side. I also loved the monk figure blessing anyone entering the church! There's just something about churches that I love; probably something to do with them being the centre of a community for so long... that community makes an imprint on the building and interior in so many fascinating ways.

Images: The Wedding Party, post confetti :); Interior of St Editha's; that 12th century tower with 15th century recessed spire; the welcoming comittee; a really blurry picture of the gorgeous 11th century font.

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