Saturday, 16 July 2011

Early Summer at the Allotment

(Late June-ish)

Once again transport problems have prevented our being at the allotment much, but things are growing on pretty well. we've got raspberries and redcurrants and cherries and blackcurrants and strawberries and apples and rhubarb (NOM).

There's also potatoes and tomatoes and pumpkins and sweetcorn and onions and cabbages parsnips and radishes and lettuce and spinach and carrots and broccolli and peas and beans and courgettes and all kinds of wonderful things to eat in a few months time!

The lovely Amanda's lovely Mum has given us some cucumbers to replace the ones I destroyed, and there's chervil and basil to go in at some point.

It was a lovely day, and nice to get some physical labour done in the light and the air instead of sitting and writing indoors :)

Photographs: the boys, hard at work in the evening; redcurrants; peas; flax; salad.

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