Friday, 15 July 2011

Easter 2011: Saltburn in the Mists

(Easter 2011)

Me and the Mr went up to visit his family for easter and we had a brilliant time - going out to somewhere interesting every day! When we headed up it was in that random week of blistering sunshine, so of course the first afternoon on the coast was spent with so much sea-mist we couldn't even see the beach - it was brilliant! Strangely eerie, absolutely freezing and very beautiful. Stubborn folk as we are, those of us not attending mass all had ice creams, despite the cold; we had a good walk up and down the pier and along the beach, meeting up with my Mr and his Mum at a pub when some of the mist had cleared.

Had the chance to take some brilliant photos, many of which can be seen on my dA profile.

'Where'd the sea go?'

Disappearing pier.

Wanderers in the mist.

The funicular lift (apparently) to nowhere :)

Cliff-top folly.

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