Friday, 15 July 2011


(Easter 2011)

When we visited Guisborough priory with my Mr's family I managed to take some pretty cool pictures, if I say so myself (which I do, so there) and I've decided to share a small selection (more can be found on my dA profile).

Cornflower, up close and personal: one of my favourite summer flowers; there was always a group of these growing around the bottom of my grandparents' pear tree back in Biddulph.

Footprints in well tilled earth: kind of reminds me of those fossilised footprints they found...

The Horsfall Destructor: what to get that evil genius who has everything.

Me and my Mr. Read a book about someone's shadow coming alove once - i wouldn;t have minded if they had at that point :) (yes, yes, I know I'm soppy).

Sunlight through some tree or another. Feel like I should know which one... don't, though.

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