Sunday, 16 May 2010

Busy Bee

Ok, I know I haven't updated in a while, life sort of took over :) so I'm updating for each week I missed before getting back into it! So here goes:

Busy week, went to see Agatha Christie's 'Witness for the Prosecution' down at the Alhambra with Niall - it was brilliant! Honeysuckle Weeks played the wife of the accused (whose name I cannot for the life of me recall, though I think it began with an 'R') and she was ace - I was sorely tempted to wait for her and ask for her autograph but it was too cold. I'm such a nerd XD

The crafty workshop this week was Easter Bonnets, but I managed to sleep through it... Hannah B ran it, and everyone said it was great fun :) It's also show week, BUSOM were doing Pirates of Penzance - one of my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan's - but I had too much work to do, alas.

Joined in with Earth Hour, did a jigsaw by candlelight :) also managed to tidy up a bit, found my Viking from the Isle of Mann and decided to leave him guarding my work.

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