Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dizzy with Isotopes


(in a dodgy accent) This week I 'ave bin mostly writing reports!

I'm writing up the second of my two short courses, Stable Light Isotopes - the topic that I'm basing my dissertation on. Might witter on about that later, it's to do with sheep and wool and trade and provenance and stuff - I love research, can't wait to get my teeth into it. Bit sick of this standard operating procedure though, gots to get my methodology straight; on the plus side it gives me a head-start for the research design :)

I was greatly excited that Ashes to Ashes is back on our screens; the only way I got through this last through months was by watching Life on Mars and A2A pretty much constantly (with the mild side effects of becoming increasingly mancunian in accent and swearing a lot more!) - let's face it, what can get to you if the Gene-Genie's around? It's still a cracking bit of science fiction and I'm looking forward to the plot twists this season. Also caught the start of Dr Who (eleventh doctor), which I'm really enjoying, and the Swedish version of Wallander. I didn't rate the British version, though I do enjoy Kenneth Brannagh's work, but the Swedish version is spot on; not for the first time I found the Swedish language pleasant to listen to and wierdly familiar - as I do with most of the Norse dialects. I may eventually learn the Swedish for murder... I already learned forensics :)

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