Sunday, 16 May 2010

Waaaay too much work


Watched the practice presentations for the HOP and MA students, and the subsequent proper presentations; everyone did really, really well, then we went to the pub - sensing a pattern here :) six hours later we realised we had other essays to write... the vortex of wetherspoons strikes again!

Somehow managed to get everything done before hand-in. Went to Lydia and Andy's wedding, which was great fun :) Lydia, of course, looked stunning; her mum made her dress (see pictures), which was absolutely beautiful. Saw loads of people I hadn't seen in ages, which was great fun; we played lawn games like giant jenga and croquet, then Lydia's mum decided we should go for a walk to the nearby tarn (we were in Ilkley) to see some ducklings :) Then Wayne climbed a tree XD good times!

Mike's back down from Cumbria again to look for houses, which is great - we've had more beer this weekend than I think I've ever drunk... we watched Jerry Springer the Opera and that wierd Japanese musical that warps the mind. Jamie kept having to tell Mike when the wierd bits happened.

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