Sunday, 16 May 2010



Arch Sci did our presentations this week, scary prospect, but it went pretty well all things considered. I was a bit freaked out 'cause Niall was at a conference until thursday, first time he's been away since the murder, but I had a sort of argument with my own head and I appear to be back to normal (fingers crossed). Everyone did really well - Rowena, Laura W, Rebecca, Justine and Peter knocked the lecturer's socks off - Carl H remonstrated my lack of live sheep during the presentation though, I was amused to consider how I'd get one to the third floor of an old mill building.

We went to the pub after the presentations (in my case for the first time in ages) and ate chocolate cereal cakes :) the jukebox was on way too loud again so I got a nasty headache, actually made it to crafty too, sat and knitted more of that green jumper I'm working on. We had a new crafter this week, Sarwat, who does fabulous things with ribbonwork and embroidery :) Spent a few days working my way through the back catalogue of PHD comics (Piled Higher and Deeper, which I am now mildly obsessed with. This one was particularly relevant this week :

Niall had a good time at the conference and made it back just in time to visit John and Amanda for a BBQ - I of course was left at home to finish yet another report with our new, obnoxious, bike revving, screeching, rude neighbours. Joy of joys *sigh*; the stress of it all made me dig out my glasses, see pictures. Foyle's War started again tonight, i was nerdily excited of course :)

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