Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back and Back and Back...

so this commences my 'posts i should have put up ages ago'. having lost the diary for last academic year i'm going to try figuring them out from the photos i have.

so: sometime in early may...

my beloved niall has departed to Thailand to attend ben and poom's wedding and i wish i was with him instead of writing endless essays :(

we went up to the allotment this weekend and, get this, there are BLOSSOMS on the APPLE TREE! this is big and exciting for me as last year none of the fruit trees did anything, so fingers crossed for fruit sometime in september! with the greenhouse (Chateaux Thaddeus) in good order and the progress made on the raised beds (largely thanks to mark and the various unsuspecting volunteers we managed to drum up), it's looking less like a bomb-site and more like and actuall garden. allan, rowena and jamie came up and helped me put in potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers and plant out some of the stuff that's been growing on my windowsill. thanks guys!

another exciting first for the allotment was definitely our first crop of asparagus (notoriously tough to grow). they tasted great :D

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