Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Good Times

14th May 2010

so this week was the Bradford University (Archaeology) Masters end of an era party, which involved a great deal of looking for dresses and suits (yes, archaeologists NOT coated in mud, shock horror) and alcohol (as you can tell). the year isn't over just yet - there's still those pesky dissertations to get through - but so far everyone has been brilliant and i'm going to miss each and every one of them.

highlights of the evening included seeing puppy again, anthea asking to stroke puppy's sporran, erin being ninja at avoiding photos, the boys cancaning to its raining men, the almighty cathy winning the 'best bum' award and everyone having a good boogie :)

Photos are of: my course - becci, peter, laura, charlotte, me and rowena; me and miss jamie; me, bones burton and miss jamie

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