Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Crafters on the Bus go Rarr Rarr Rarr!

30th June 2010

Been a bit of a mad month, with work and moving house and such :) So i didn't get the traineeship position with English Heritage :(, i got to look at the hairs from the cloak of the Gristhorpe Man for Nigel *excitement*, we partied moderately hard for the solstice, JacAbsolute and the Venerable Bede met a long-lost-cousin, Rowena and I started a role playing game with Charlotte and Jen and I was unfortunately too sick to go to Sarah's hen party (sadface). They apparently had a great time and ate way too much Thai food :)

So today I got kidnapped by the craft club on a trip to Wales. I am not particularly unhappy about this ;) The hostel is really cool, very pagan, very Welsh mountains, very yellow, a bit haunted. Can't wait for the adventures that will ensue.

Photos: the Hannah on the Bus; Midnight at the Hostel

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