Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Biddulph, for a spell

9th of May 2010
i'm back in biddulph at the moment, staying with jacabsolute and the Venerable Bede (mum and grandad) and i've finished the last of this term's essays so i decided not to bring any work. i brought reading... but hey, that's kind of fun :) what it means is i finally had time to take some more shots of the garden for my Fairy Grove series on dA ( the garden has been beautiful at this time of year for as long as i can remember; when i was little it was the Venerable Bede looking after the veg and grandma working with the flowers (and me getting in the way), and now it's a jacabsolute and uncle Keith collaboration :) i help out when i can, but living so far away rather prohibits that. i dug out the tomato patch in the greenhouse today though, so that's something. it feels kind of awesome to be working the soil that has been worked by the hands of my family :) feels right, you know?

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