Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Labyrinthine Crafts

2nd july 2010

Today we went to the other side of the valley to the hostel (there was a great moment of 'I can see our house from here!') to the Corris Craft Centre and King Arthur's Labyrinth, where we spent a pleasant day getting ideas in the workshops, and trying out a few new crafts ourselves. The candle making turned out to be particularly entertaining, but we also spent time with wood turners, jewellers, glass blowers, potters, herbalists and painters.

We also ventured into the depths of the old tin mines to experience King Arthur’s Labyrinth – not particularly educational perhaps, but great fun and certainly inspirational. At one point of the tour we were told that we were a mile down inside the mountain, at level six, and there were four levels below us, at least a mile further down – at which point my inner geologist started to skip. Our guide – apparently a monk but certainly a former employee of the mine – told stories of old Wales as he led us through the caverns, mixed in with an informative smattering of mine-lore. He assured us that there was more than tin lurking down in the dark, and he may have been right…

Photos: awesome candles; helen with her candle ends; amazing pottery; hannah b and liz taking the tower by force; DRAGONS!

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