Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The CAT's Meow

1st July 2010

Today we went to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Powys. Here we spent a day roaming around (and inside) wind turbines, solar powered houses, a mole cave and up and down the mountain on the hydraulic lift. The centre specialises in ecologically sound research in many areas of our modern lifestyles; there is a dedicated research and education centre in the heart of the CAT, from which many sound ideas emanate.
This research is showcased in the CAT park, around which you are encouraged to wander. We learned a lot over the day and the CAT is well worth a visit – or even take the opportunity to attend one of their specialised short courses. (Information available at

It was a fantastic day, rounded off in the evening by a good chinwag and some craft... oh and JacAbsolute's eckythump pudding, Craftiness style.

Photos: the hydraulic lift; the deconstructed wind turbine; MOLE!; eckythump, it's a crafty pudding!

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