Wednesday, 8 September 2010


3rd June 2010

it's been crazy busy for the last week or so - mostly because we moved out of bradford to shipley :) the new house is me, niall and mike (from Cumbria), along with rowena and jamie as the uni is so kindly providing them with nowhere to stay this summer. the first thing that struck me about the new house (aside from the fact i no longer live in murder central) is the size of the kitchen *squees* it's big enough for a table and chairs, the cooker (gas, thank gods) has a five ring hob and there's a tiny garden area to the back with all my herbs in it :D!
so, although i'm exhausted and can't find anything i'm much happier and really excited about the new place. plus, mike starts his new job next week, so there's even more of a buzz about the place :) the first night we were in, we had dinner in the kitchen (all perched on the worktops as there were no chairs) and mike played his guitar. good times! it's still a bit like living in a holiday home at the minute, but it'll become home-like in no time.

Photo: GIANT kitchen! XD

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